Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mrs Robinson... or Am I?

Well... It's been a long, long time since I blogged. I have hidden all of my past entries. Why? Because my life has changed so much over the past 6 months I am no longer the same person as I was back then.

2012 was perhaps one of the most challenging years of my life. I think all my readers will have picked up that my marriage broke up. So I was faced with being a solo Mum... looking after a household on my own... and trying to figure out who I was, and wanted to be as a person.

But it wasn't all bad... some really great things happened in 2012. I started volunteering at the toy library, I started exercising, I lost 30kg! and I got a part time job. I love living in Blenheim... it's great to be "home" again. And yes, I met some new friends... one more special than the others! ;)

Emmy is brilliant... She started school last April, and is doing so well. I am very, very proud of her. Actually I could not be any more proud than I am. She's got a little group of her own friends now (yikes!), and is succeeding with her academic work. She also seems to be a talented runner. Not sure where she gets that from. And she is a very kind, caring girl.

And Matty is unbelievably cute. He's growing big... really fast. As much as it pains me, he's not a little baby anymore. He's learning new words every day, and loves being with his big sister. They often just sit on the couch together, cuddling. Warms my heart. He always makes me laugh every day with his antics. And he's a super messy eater!!

So what's ahead in 2013 for me? That's a big question... I'm continuing cake baking and decorating. That is my passion. I want to make it into a career this year if I can. I intend to lose another 15-20kg (by not eating said cakes!). I'm going to save some money because I am going on holiday in July with my kids and the above mentioned special friend. Very much looking forward to that.

But most of all... I'm happy... and I can see my life becoming more and more rich and happy. I am a blessed woman. I am still Mrs Robinson... but a better version of Mrs Robinson. Lovin' my new life (most of the time). I am thankful to the people in my life who have supported me. I don't know where I would be without those people.

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  1. oohhh would love to hear about this new friend who is more special than the others ;)